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Rock and Minerals

by Web Master last modified Apr 24, 2014 05:57 PM
Videos about the formation, composition and identification of rocks and minerals,

The title/link to each entry is followed by the approximate length of the video either as minutes:seconds or hours:minutes:seconds


A Brief Introduction to Minerals by Michael Samartano  10:21
Excellent first step in learning about minerals

Mineral Formation Video 4:38

Identifying Minerals for Earth Science by MrRayscience   10:54
Easy to understand description of mineral properties and how to use them to identify a mineral specimen.

Rocks and the Rock Cycle

Three Main Rock Types by MrRayscience   10:54
Best rock type video om the internet

Rock Cycle by MIT K12 Videos 4:31
Creative use of jelly beans to explain rock types and the rock cycle.