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2012 Crack 'n Cab (Google Docs)

by — last modified May 14, 2015 11:18 AM
GMSS Newsletters from 2012 - click on month to view/download. For more info, send request to




  • Topic of the Month: Holiday minerals - Dioptase and Vanadinite
  • Potential new geological find in Cicero.
  • Junior Rockhounds mineral/fossil show and tell.
  • Holiday brunch highlights.
  • Oldest Pearl In World Discovered In United Arab Emirates.
  • Making fluorescent specimen labels.
  • Rules for cutting Malachite



  • Topic of the Month: Pyritized Brachiopods and Alden Pyrite Beds
  • Junior Rockhounds field trips to PRI, Lords Corners and Tully
  • Keith Gilmer's private tour of Bill Pinch's mineral collection.
  • Pumice "Raft“ Volcanic Rock Mass the Size of Belgium Floating off New Zealand Coast
  • November birthstone - Topaz




  • Several articles on outreach and promoting the club
  • EFMLS Award winners




  • Banner: Wulfenite
  • Judy Cook's Jr Rockhounds reminsences
  • How to cut Fire Agate
  • AFMS Awards
  • In Memorium: Lou Dunlap



  • report on the 2012 Gem, Mineral, Fossil & Jewelry Show
  • many, many pictures from the show
  • report on club's new outreach efforts
  • the world's largest and oldest meteorite





  • Banner: dinosaur eggs
  • list of club officers for 2012-2013
  • photos from field trip to Honeyoye for septarian nodules
  • photos from field trip to Sangerfield for trilobites and ammonoids
  • Jr Rockhounds activities
  • first installment of club history
  • list of presenters at the Learning Center for the 2012 show
  • list of demonstrators for the 2012 show
  • article about Stromatolites, the oldest fossils




  • Banner: Swarovsky jewelry
  • nominations for Board of Directors
  • report on field trip to Crystal Grove
  • GMSS Constitutional Reference Information
  • Mineral/Fossil Display Contest Winners
  • Potential Field & Show Trips
  • New mineral discovered - Postite Mg(H2O)6Al2(OH)2(H2O)8(V10O28)•13H2O




  • Banner:New York State Mineral and Fossil
  • discussion of changes to our Constitution and Bylaws
  • show issues
  • field trip list
  • club auction rules
  • AFMS tribute to Pat Egolf
  • Tips for Preparing a Display Case




  • Banner: St. Patrick's Day Jewelry
  • Mineral/Fossil display contest rules
  • proposal for changes to the GMSS Constitution
  • skill center class schedule
  • show committee news
  • AFMS Code of Ethics



  • Banner: Amethyst
  • ribbon cutting for Marie Cole Skill Center
  • website redesign progress & development
  • Rochester Mineralogical Symposium
  • In Memoriam: Pat Egolf
  • EFMLS Show Safety




  • Banner: Garnet gem stones
  • Website : Redesigning for the Future
  • SRC Arena announcement
  • Staurolites, the twinned crystal stone
  • It's official: An asteroid wiped out the Dinosaurs
  • Turquoise mineral profile
  • list of New York mineral clubs with shows