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Pamphlets Author Date Content
AFMS Uniform Rules 2007 Edition
with 2006 and 2007 updates
2007 judging guidelines
Meteors and Meteorites in the Ancient Near East Bjorkman, Judith 1973 meteorites
An Outline of Aluminum ALCOA 1940 aluminum
Minerals of the St. Lawrence Valley Alverson, Schuyler 1971 collecting
Dessert Gem Trails Strong, Mary Frances 1971 collecting
Crater of Diamonds Jewel of Arkansas Hendrix, Bobbie Lou 1989 collecting
Hiddenite and the Emeralds of North Carolina Harshaw, Richard 1974 emeralds/hiddenite
Common fossils of Pennsylvania Dept. of Environ. Serv. 1973 fossil
Guide to Michigan Fossils Dept. of Natural Res. 1993 fossil
Pioneer Lucky Stones Shelton, Ferne 1974 gem lore
Welcome to the Jamesville Quarry Allied Chemical geology
Rocks and Minerals Arem, Joel 1973 geology
Rockhounding in Arkansas Dodson, David 1975 geology
Is This an Agate? Robinson, Susan 2001 geology
Mineral & Gem Trails NY, NJ, PA, CT Sloan, Ed 1965 geology
Field trip Guide to Some Fossil and
Mineral Localities of NYS
Stone, Udell geology
Common Dept. of Environ. Serv. 1973 geology/Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Geology Summarized Willard, Bradford 1973 geology/Pennsylvania
Rocks and What to Do With Them Henrichsen, Harold 1972 hobby
Exhibiting the Show Bi Aspect of the Hobby Mummert, Pat 1990 hobby
What Kinda rock Izzat?? Wilderson, W. L. 1989 identification
Jade Hemrich, Gerald 1966 jade
Cabochon Cutting and Polishing Techniques
and Grinding A Cabochon
Baumler, John 2006 lapidary
Advanced Cabochon Cutting Cox, Jack 1971 lapidary
Cabochon Cutting Cox, Jack 1970 lapidary
Specialized Gem Cutting Cox, Jack 1970 lapidary
Facet Cutters Handbook Soukup, Edward J. 1962 lapidary
Diamonds Ward, Fred 1998 lapidary
Emeralds Ward, Fred 2001 lapidary
Opals Ward, Fred 1977 lapidary
Pearls Ward, Fred 2002 lapidary
Jade, The Handbook Hemrich 1966 lapidary/mineral
Glossary of Mineral Species 1971 Fleischer, Michaelq mineralogy
A Mineral collector's Guide Powell, Darryl 1995 mineralogy
Mineral Identification Tables mineralogy
Exhibiting the show Biz Aspect of the Hobby Mummert, Pat 1990
Three St. Lawrence County Roadcut Localities Chamberlain, Steve 2006 collecting
Collecting and shows in Bancroft, Canada CofC 2004 collecting