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2017 GemWorld Learning Center

by Web Master last modified Jun 18, 2017 09:08 PM
The GemWorld Learning Center provides an opportunity to hear from local experts on topics related to our hobby.

Saturday, July 15

12 pm MOST - Superhero Science: The Power Behind the Hero
How does Spiderman cling to buildings? Will Captain America’s shield really save the day? If you have ever wondered how your favorite superhero’s power works, then you will be amazed. Kids - feel free to bring your parents as the MOST educator discusses an exciting selection of superpowers and the science behind them.

1:15 pm  Michael R. Walter - Collecting Stories
Mike will discuss the recent popularity of mineral collecting reality shows, symposia and related events, and how they are inspiring people’s interest in the hobby. Mike has a few stories of his own to tell as he is a lifelong field collector of minerals. Mike has authored  'Collector’s Guide to Herkimer Diamonds,’ ‘Field Collecting Minerals in the Empire State’,  numerous articles in Rock & Gem and Rocks & Minerals Magazines. Recently, with a team of five other eminent geologists and mineralogists he was a co-author for the book ‘Collector’s Guide to the Black Tourmaline of Pierrepont, New York.

<>2:30 pm  Dr. Steve Chamberlain - Treasures of the Earth
Steve will lead a hands-on show and tell with mineralogical, gemological and geological specimens.  Steve wrote the ‘Collectors Guide to Minerals of New York State’ and is a co-author on ’Collector’s Guide to the Black Tourmaline of Pierrepont, New York’. Steve serves as the volunteer coordinator of the Center for Mineralogy at the New York State Museum. He was the longtime chairman of the Rochester Mineralogical Symposium, which has received the Carnegie Mineralogical Award.

4:00 pm  Kris Faso - Voices of the Stone
Seer, psychic, medium - Kris is a part of the metaphysical area of our show. Join Kris as he weaves stories of the stones and shares how they communicate signs, verification and messages to us from the natural world.  Kris believes every stone has a story to foretell, or speak of relative to our environment, history, earth walk. Kris (The Stoneman) was raised on the shores of Lake Ontario, his passion for collecting stones began there.


12 pm MOST - Ready, Set, Spin! Keep Moving
Have you ever wondered why golf balls have dimples, how ice skaters spin so fast, or if you could bounce a basketball on Mars? Although our games vary, science rules do not change. If we understand the rules we can push the boundaries.

1:30 pm Len Sharp - EGYPT: Rocks and Minerals That Helped to Build an Empire: 3000 BC to circa 45 BC
Len will bring you on his exploration of Egypt, the rocks and minerals used in construction of the magnificent monuments and treasures.   He will discuss Egyptian ancient history, the Nile River, the Pyramids, the Luxor and Karnak. He will take you on his journey thru the Valley of the Kings, King Tut’s treasures, the Sphinx, and Abu Simbel (Ramses II Temple). Len is a retired earth science teacher with almost 40 years of teaching at that level. As part of a Liverpool CSD summer grant, he had the opportunity to take part in the National Science Teachers Association Study Tour of Egypt.