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Gemworld50 Learning Center

by Web Master last modified May 15, 2016 10:59 PM
The GemWorld Learning Center provides an opportunity to hear from local experts on topics related to our hobby.

Saturday, July 9th

12 pm : MOST : Interconnected: Energy, Life and Water
Connorlyn Gaffney will be using interactive demonstrations to teach important environmental science concepts and promote conservation. Come learn how much energy different types of light bulbs use. Learn the importance of decomposition in the circle of life. Come feel and dance in a cloud as Connorlyn experiments with liquid nitrogen as she discusses the importance of the water cycle. Kids feel free to bring your parents, they will love this just as much as you.

1:15 pm : Dr. Lisa Amati : Paradise Lost - The Ordovician of New York
>Dr. Amati was appointed by the New York State Board of Regents last summer as State Paleontologist. She is the 2nd woman to serve in that position. This presentation is based on her research on how animals responded when the environment changed from warm and tropical to less than ideal. Learn about what an incredible transformation this area has undergone.

2:30 pm : Len and Susan Sharp : Caves of America
Club members and nationally recognized earth science teachers with awards too numerous to mention, this husband and wife duo will discuss some of the many caves they have explored. They will include the Carlsbad Caves National Park in New Mexico, Howe Caverns located right here in New York, the Luray Caverns of Virginia and the Jewel Caves National Monument in South Dakota.

3:45 pm : Kathy Brown : Messages from Heaven
>A Psychic Medium, Kathy will do an audience reading relaying messages for those who seek comfort and love from their loved loves who have departed. Kathy is a part of the metaphysical area of our show. She started seeing spirits when she was just 5 years old and has always considered it a normal way of life. She is a nurse and an ordained minister. She honors and respects her practice with love and light and feels blessed to share her gift with all of you.

Sunday, July 10th

12 pm : MOST : It’s All About Size
Connorlyn Gaffney will discuss some of the concepts of nano science. On the nano scale, things are a billionth of a meter and have unique astounding properties. When does water defy the force of gravity? How can a material be both a liquid and solid - while also withstanding the powerful force of a hammer? Connorlyn will bring these amazing micro properties to a full size demonstration along with other surprising phenomena. Kids and adults will marvel at the nanocscale science and how it and technology can change our world.

1:15 pm : Len and Susan Sharp : Our National Parks
Come explore the rocks, mineral, fossils and geologic history of selected parks including the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest and Dinosaur National Monument. Len is a retired earth science teacher from Liverpool High School, with almost 40 years of teaching at that level. He is a Presidential Awardee in Science Teaching, that among many other awards. He is co-author of a national textbook used in high school earth science. Susan is a teacher of Earth Science and Astrobiology at Phoenix High School. She has received the National Association of Geoscience Teachers - Outstanding Earth Science Teacher for NY State award, as well as many other career distinctions.