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Metaphysical Center

by Web Master last modified Apr 12, 2015 05:51 PM
For the first time ever, GMSS will host a Metaphysical Center at GemWorld

The Center will be located on the SRC Arena on the entrance level. Turn right just after you enter and follow the signs.

From an article by Judy Cook :

Though the ages, stones, gems and minerals have been utilized in the metaphysical realm. Many cultures have their own beliefs about specific stones, gems and minerals and their respective healing and energetic properties. Their use goes back thousands of years in the history and legends of Babylon, Rome, Atlantis, Greece, Egypt, China, and in Hindu and Native American cultures.

For the past few years, there has been a metaphysical show sponsored by Georgia Warren, publisher of the Metaphysical Times. The show took place in a separate building near our show. We always co-advertised each other. This year, Georgia is not doing it, so we decided why not have an area for practitoners who utilize stones, gems and minerals in their work? Whether you believe or not in properties associated with stones, it is always interesting to speculate and ponder.

We are very excited to have the following accomplished and talented participants in this year’s all new Metaphysical Center :

  • Don Brennan is a Reiki Master. He teaches and practices Reiki and other energy healing techniques at the Life Center for Well-Being. Through a grant years ago, he was able to train 25 staff members at Crouse Hospital. In 2003 he helped establish the Wellness Program at Hematology/Oncology Associates of Central New York.
  • Dave Bennett, an energetic healer and life coach, will be offering Crystal Bio Mat Energetic Healing at the show. Dave is a near death experiencer who has appeared on radio and television, including Dr Oz, Angels Among Us, NBC national news, and PBS. His book “Voyage of Purpose” is a fascinating read. He actually drown off the California coast during a violent storm in 1983 and had a profound spiritual experience. In time, Dave went from being a chief engineer on a research vessel to manager of St. Joseph’s Hospital Dialysis Program. While working there in 2000 he found he had stage IV lung and bone cancer, his spine collapsed and he now has titanium constructs in place. Dave recovered from cancer and continues on his spiritual journey to contribute to the betterment of humanity.
  • Cindy Griffith-Bennett will be offering Psychic Crystal Readings. Cindy is an internationally known psychic. She teaches spiritual development across the US and in Japan. She is author of the book “Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives”, co-author of “Voyage of Purpose” and the 2015 fall release of “Grow Your Spiritual Business”. She has created multiple Meditation CD’s. She is a contributing blogger for Huffington Post and a number of other magazines.
  • Kris Faso is known as “The Stoneman”. During a reading he will ask you to pick out the stones and minerals you are attracted to. Kris grew up on the shoreline of Lake Ontario and there started his fondness for collecting stones and minerals. He believes every stone has a story to tell/ foretell, relative to our environment, history, Earth walk.
  • Sarina, Oracle of Light, is an internationally renowned 4rth generation clairvoyant psychic medium. Sarina will be offering Crystal Readings. Sarina’s high rate of accuracy earned her passing the International Psychic Audition for the Edgar Cayce Panel of Professional Psychics. She is recipient of “The Edgar Cayce Legacy” for Excellence in the Psychic Development of the Soul.